RUPPtronik has expanded its stock of HUBER+SUHNER cables and now has a stock of the HUBER+SUHNER SUCOFLEX-SF500 series in addition to the minibend cables.

The cables of the SF500S series are phase-stable, very flexible and yet armored to provide kink and tread protection. You can find the current data sheet for the SF500 series in our download area.

We always keep variants up to 26GHz (SF526S), 40GHz (SF540S) and 70GHz (SF570S) in various standard lengths in stock. Special lengths or configurations with other plugs can be ordered at any time.

You can find the currently available stock at It is best to enter “Test” in the free text search and all available test cables will be displayed. Any standard sizes that are not in stock can be delivered within 2 weeks.